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Our Customer

Thank You Very Much!
They are absolutely beautiful!!!
Jennifer Szubeczak

I received the favors. Thank you so very
much for your services.  I will certainly
use you again and highly recommend
you to my friends and family. Sincerely,
Christina Kapetanakos

I am so pleased with your service...
All the guests just loved the favors...
It was such a pleasant experience to
talk with your representative on the
phone.  My favors were delivered to
me on time.  They were packaged
beautifully.  I have a bridal shower
coming up in the spring, and I'm sure
many more events that I will need
favors for.  Thank you again.  I look
forward to using your service again!
Joanne Petti

My daughter's wedding was a success.
Your favors were so different than
the norm. Everyone loved them.
We will be doing business again.
Again, Thank you.  ANA Morales

I just wanted to say Thank you!
I heard nothing but wonderful things
about the candy roses. They were just
beautiful. Thank you for a great job.
Sharen Jarzembowski

I ordered three different favors, and
they ALL came out beautiful!!!  I
couldn't have asked for anything better.
THANK YOU.  They were beautiful!!!
Your service was very professional;
getting back to us quickly and keeping
us updated, was all done so well.
I can't wait to use your service again!
Otilla Duggan

I got the candy bar favors today.
They are absolutely great!  I know they
will be a big hit at the shower. Thank
you for producing such a quality item
at a very fair price.  Donna Dillon

We received the favors and they are
really fabulous! I am confident they will
be a BIG hit at our reception. I am so
glad I ordered these...It was one less
thing that I had to worry about getting
done before the wedding. Plus, I'm
not sure that I could have created a
more wonderful favor for less $$.
Thanks again!  Kelly Rittle

To say they were a smashing success
would be an understatement. Not only
were they beautiful and very unique,
but the guests thought the personalized
card was a great personal touch. I really
want to thank you for helping me out so
much, and the price is so reasonable
anyone who buys an $8 mug or $12
candle in a shot glass would need
serious mental help. Again, thanks for
all your help. You will see my business
in the future. Sincerely,
Steve Hertz

I wanted to thank you so much for
such beautiful roses. They gave that
special touch...Everyone loved them!!!!
You did so much for me
and everything went so well.
Maria Valencia

I just wanted to let you know that
we received the favors today and
they are even better than what they
looked to be on the internet! I have
no doubt that they will be a big hit at
the wedding. I also wanted to thank
you for filling the order with such
short notice. Thank you.
Skye Rasmussen

Thanks for the beautiful candy roses.
Everybody just loved them.
Thank you once again.
Ruppa Reddy

I wanted to let you know we received
the order and it is lovely. I am sure the
candy rosebud favors will be a topic of
discussion! Rest assured that I will be providing your information for anyone
who is interested in purchasing or
finding out more about these favors.
Also, thank you for the lovely detail of
the Mini Bars. Analicia was tickled
when she saw the softball. I appreciate
all of your assistance, patience & coordination with this order. This is
one less detail to worry over with
Analicia's Sweet Sixteen dinner party.
Thank you very much.
Gloriana Peix

The candy bars came yesterday and
they are beautiful!  Have a blessed
and happy thanksgiving. Linda Wargo

Received the candy roses.  They are
beautiful!  Exactly what I wanted.
Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Vogel

Hello!  I want to thank you for the
fantastic favors for my mother-in-law's
surprise 75th! They looked so beautiful
on the table--I may even send you a
picture!  I especially want to thank
you for expediting them...I gave you
only a few days notice.  Wow!  I didn't
expect to see them 4 days later!
Again, great job!  Gerra Gembarosky

I would just like to let you know that
I'm extremely pleased with my order.  They're beautiful!  Everyone will be impressed, and I know I made the right choice!  I will certainly recommend your services to others and I;ll be in touch
again to let you know the feedback :).
All the best! Erica Matechak

Just a short note to let you know that
the candy roses were received today;
they were absolutely beautiful.,,
Thank you...It's just that special touch
that I know will make Regina and
Steve's engagement party great.
Thank you again.  Joan Krone

P.S.  I brought one rose to work and
got many compliments AND requests
for where they can be ordered...
Thank you again!  Joan Krone

I just wanted to let you know I received
the favors today, and they are great!
You did a great job.  Thank you.  You
will be hearing from me again as we
have some other functions coming up.
Thanks again for the fantastic favors!
Lisa Florentino

Thank you ever so much! We received
the roses in excellent shape, and are
very pleased! We will be telling all
our friends about you and your product!
So thanks again for making our special
day just a bit more special! And I
must dd that the ordering of your roses
was undoubtedly the easiest part of
our wedding planning.
Barb & Tom Marchitelli

Just wanted to let you know that I
received the chocolates today and they
are absolutely beautiful. I also wanted
to say thank you for your quick response
to me. Again, thanks very much.
Monica Titley-Smith

I really would like to thank you so much
for your beautiful work. I'm really
happy with my order and would like you
to know how happy I am. Thank you
so much for your prompt delivery
and again for your beautiful work.
Jackie Valentin

We were so excited after seeing them!
They are so cute. Thanks for taking
the order at such short notice.
I will be using you again.
Bridgett Tyler

Thank you very much.
They all look so lovely. They will be a
fantastic favor for our guests.
Norien Hutchinson - Conference Dir.

I just wanted to let you know that the
rose favors were a hit at my wedding.
One rose was placed on each plate and
I had a bouquet of them at the bar.
I was lucky to save one. Thanks again.
Susan Najarian

The roses are just lovely; Aaron and I
are so happy with them. We appreciate
everything your company did to make
sure the roses got to us. I can tell you
this: I I searched high and low for
months before settling on a wedding
favor. It was the one thing in my
wedding I did the most research on.
Your company had EXACTLY what I
was looking for in the budget I had in
mind. There is no doubt that people
will comment and ask where I got them
from. I will be glad to tell them!
Great holiday wishes to you!
Melissa Landrum

I received the candy bars today.
Thank you so much for everything.
They are great ~ very nicely done!
Everyone will love them.
Again, thank you so much.
Stephanie Bartlett

Thank you so much! I appreciate your
hard work! They turned out perfect! I'm
sure the guests will love them and I will
be sure to let everyone  know where
I got them! Thanks again!
Marianne Petersen

We received the roses today. They are awesome and Shannon loves them too.
They will be a big hit at her party.
Thanks so much for a great idea!
AFTER THE PARTY The candy roses
were a great hit at Shannon's party.
Thank you again. Sincerely,
Sue Zich

Thank you for all your help.
The roses are perfect!
Lysha Arroyo

Our wedding was wonderful! The
rosebuds added the perfect touch to
our red rose wedding theme. Our
guests loved them and we still get compliments on our wedding & favors,
which was almost 6 months ago.
Thank you so much! We're expecting
a baby this September, and we'll have
to place an order of roses that say:
It's a boy/girl... Lol! Thanks once
again, and keep up the great work.
It is wonderful to see your designs
and ideas are expanding!
Mrs. Savannah Leyde

Thank you for the beautiful roses. It was
a pleasure doing business with you.
Doug Jackson

I just received the roses and they're
wonderful!!! Thanks!!!
Marlene Thyer

I just wanted to thank you so much for
your help with the gift box favors.
They arrived right on time and
were beautifully done.
Karen Bailey

I got the Candy Roses and they are
beautiful!!! I'm sure they will be a big
hit at Nikki's party. Thanks again!
Debbie Nicholas

The candy roses arrived and they look
great. Thank you so much. I will
definitely recommend your company to
others. I am very happy with the roses
and also with your great customer
service. Everything worked out great.
Thirza Schroeder

Sister's Engagement Party ~
Once again, I want to say how great
these candy roses were. I ordered 8
different colors and put one on each
plate. The color added life to each
table and everyone thought they were
the coolest roses they had seen. The
kids loved them  and were having fun
trading colors. Great Favors!
I'm going to recommend them to
anyone doing future parties. It's great
that there were so many different
colors to choose from so that we could
match them to the wedding colors.
They were a great hit at my party!
Alexandra Katsiris

Just wanted to let you know my
package arrived yesterday, and the
mini chocolate bar favors look great!
Thanks again! Mary Getz

Thank you for making the lovely
pillow boxes.  They arrived safely and
are beautiful  We can hardly wait to
pass them out at the party!
Norene Manning

The candy gift boxes are absolutely
adorable. The girls in my office
went crazy over them. My fiance
loved them as well, and of course,
he had a taste (just to make sure) and
they passed with flying patriotic colors!
I would recommend your company
anytime. Thank you for putting my
mind to rest... and for making my
Fourth of July wedding just a little
more special and personal.
Jackie Keevern

I just wanted you to know that I received
the candy roses and mini event bars
on time and they were beautiful.
Everyone enjoyed them at the party!
Mari Rodriguez

I wanted to let you know that  we so
appreciate the beautiful favors, and
the fact that you called earlier to let us
know they would be slightly late. With
so many details to worry about, I so appreciated your call so I didn't need
to worry They are so beautiful and will
be perfect for my daughter's wedding.
Thank you again for your kind
consideration and the beautiful favors!
..........In Another Email..........
It's a little frightening to do business
with a company so far away that you
know nothing about, especially for
something as important as a wedding.
So if I can help in any way to spread the
word about how considerate you were,
and how happy we are with our favors,
I am pleased to do so. Thank you again.
Linda Bralich

I received the mini event bars and
they look fantastic! My family LOVED
them! They added such a wonderful
finishing touch!!! Thanks again!
Jackie Bobo

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service. Now that my big
event is over and I can breathe again,
I wanted to be sure and let you know
how much I appreciated the fact that
my order was filled so quickly and the products were beautiful (and delicious)!
I also appreciate that you were
responsive to the one issue I had with
the card. Thanks again for your great service. I feel confident recommending
you to friends and will definitely give
you my business in the future.
L. Schafer

Thank you for the fast service. I
received the chocolate bars today and
they look great!  Vicki Vraja

Thank you for being able to get my
order out so fast. They are beautiful!
Susan Aquila

I just wanted to comment on how
happy I am with the roses I ordered
for my best freind's bridal shower.
They are so perfect and so beautiful.
They arrived on time, packaged neatly
and perfectly put together. I love the
font on the cards and it's obvious they
were arranged with great care.  They
are just so great ~ even better than
I had hoped. I would recommend your
company to anyone. Many thanks,
Jackie Pizzuta

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for the
wonderful job you did on my order.
I just received the candy roses for my
daughter's Sweet 16 yesterday.
JeanMarie DaSilva

I received my bubbles a few days ago
and they are perfect. I can remember
when a friend got married, we spent an
hour trying to fluff the ribbons on the
bubbles. The bubbles that you sent me
are beautiful & ribbons look awesome!
Great job! Thank you very much!!!
Valerie Cankar

Thank you so much for the pillow box
favors. We received them last week and
all is fine. I will recommend your
company to others in the future that
need help in planning their future
events. Again, thank you.
Jane Strub

I wanted to take the time to thank you
for the great customer service and for
the great favors. The chocolate roses
were a sensation, and everybody loved
them. Even a friend of mine is thinking
of contacting you for a future event.
Thank you so much for everything. You
helped make my day a very special one.  Jannet Martell

Got my shipment today, and just in time.
The roses look terrific. I can't wait to see
the competitor's faces when they receive their reward. Thank you very much!
Rachel Woelk

I just wanted to let you know that we received the chocolate bar favors. They
were really beautiful and a big hit at my
daughter's christening this weekend.
We will be sure to place another order
for future events! Thank you.
Lisanne Kyle

I just wanted to let you know that
received the favors today, and they
came out beautifully! Thank you for the
wonderful chocolate bar favors, and for
shipping it to me in time for Easter.
Yee Sergi

I just received my order today.
All is beautiful. I'll be sure to forward
pictures of the events to you.
Greatly packaged, quickly shipped,
and excellently prepared. Thank you!
Julia Abrantes

Thank you very much for the great
work you've done on the REB. They
arrived just when you said they would,
and thank you for calling to let us know
there would be a couple of days delay.
They are simply magnificent!
Amazing Work! Thank you.
Yvonne Smalls

Thank you very much for making this
day very special. I received the REB
in plenty of time, and in great condition.
Beautifully done. You and your staff
are very talented! Great skills!
My family couldn't believe their eyes.
We all love them!!!
Ann Thorn

I received the pillow boxes!
Thanks for having them here on time!
Tiffany Vazquez

Thank you for the candy bar favors I
received. It was just what I wanted, and
was very pleased with how everything
was handled. Thank you again.
Mildred Brier

I must say that Saturday was a
beautiful success. Everyone loved your
mini chocolates and the pillow boxes.
It was such a perfect touch to everything.
Your service was incredible, and your products are very much worth it.
Thank You so much for making
my event a delightful evening.
Everyone fell in love with the favors;
especially the mother to be. You will
be hearing from me again! (A delighted customer filled with satisfaction!)
Elisa Liriano

The candy bars are awesome! Thanks!
Margarita Gatam

I just wanted to thank you for sending
my order on time. The favors are
beautiful. Everyone loved it. You did
a great job. The next time I have a
party, I know where to get my favors.
My daughter's sweet sixteen party was
wonderful. Thank you once again.
Maureen Green

Thank you for the beautiful box favors.
I appreciate very much the professional
manner in which my order was
processed. Again, thank you very much.
Shirley Jackson

Thank you for the roses. They are
beautiful. You were very detailed as to
when I would receive them and I
received them exactly at the time you
said, and like I said, they were beautiful.
I'll let my friends and family know about
you for future events. Thanks again. 
Tamara Synigal

All I would just like to say is that you
guys did a really good job. The candy
came today, and I was really suprised. I
had never ordered anything from the
internet before, and all I can say is that
you have a customer for life. Thank you!
Eulinda Bennie

Thank you for our treasure chest favors.
My daughter loved them...They came
out beautiful...Thank you again.
Amanda Carrico

I received the pillow boxes today.
They are wonderful! I am very happy
with the favors and how fast they came.
Thanks again for all your help.
Helena Swiers

I just received my candy bars.
Looks Great!  Thank you.  Kristin Fiala

Thank you for the wonderful gift boxes.
They are just what I wanted and was
hoping for. Thank you for the time line
and the update of any changes. It was
very easy to do business with you all.
Thanks again. A Satisfied Customer.
Catherine Castro

Thank You So Much for your prompt
attention to my order. It has been a
pleasure to do business with you, and I
will surely recommend this company to
all my friends! I hope I have the
opportunity to deal with you again.
Dottie Carver

I just got my order and couldn't be more
pleased. You did such a beautiful job
and I wanted you to know that I would
recommend your company to all my
family and friends. My parents 50th
anniversary party will be extra special
because of your favors. I thank you from
the bottom of my heart. Sincerely,
Madeline Byrne

My order arrived on the date you said it
would. They are beautiful and I would
like to Thank You for your services.
I will be recommending your services to
other customers. I'm sure all your future customers will be as happy as I was.
Again, I say Thank You!!!
Ms. E. Galloway

Wow!  Those pillow boxes with silver
decorations look so BEAUTIFUL.
Thank you so very much, and I am
pleased with your prompt service.
Thanks again! Ann Benedict

I received the package today---these
favors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
Do me a favor and save the template
for me...I will be retiring next year AND
graduating with my Master's degree,
so I'm sure to order for both these
events---seriously!  Thank you so much
for making this ceremony the talk of
the town!  I will definitely be in touch.
Take Care, Therisa Dantzler

This is in regards to an order I placed
for pillow boxes for my daughter,
Alyssa's Sweet 16. I just wanted to say
thank you for a wonderful job.
The boxes were beautiful! My
daughter loved them as did I and all
our guests. You did a great job.
Marjurie Flores

I just wanted to tell you that I received
my boxes today. They are so great!
I honestly was not sure what to expect.
But, WOW, I/We loved them. We got the
lavender boxes for our 10th anniversary party. I can't wait to see the guest faces when they see our favors. They are so unique. I would use your company again without any hesitation what so ever.
Your staff was very nice and very helpful
with all my many questions. Please
feel free to use me as a reference.
Mercedes DeRogatis

Received them today, and they are beautiful! I have been to several
weddings and have seen a few different favors, but I think these have been the
best. I am very impressed, and very pleased. Thank you so much.
Bill and Colleen Hall

Thank you for the very nice favors.
Good Job! Thank you.
Natalie Abiello

I received the package today.
Maribel Estevez

My name is Erica Vernon and I placed
an order for 150 ring boxes with mint
candies inside. I wanted you to know that
I received the order this morning, and I
am so happy. The boxes and ribbons
were the exact match to my bridal colors,
and I am pleased. You guys are wonderful,
and my fiance and I wanted to thank
you from the bottom of our hearts. I
would be happy to let everyone know
how great your favors are. Thanks again.
WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!
Erika Vernon

The chocolates were adorable and
a big hit! You will be hearing from me
again about orders and I will
recommend you to everyone I know!
Thanks again! Carol Fragos

Just wanted to say thank you for such
a wonderful job on my order for the
chocolates. It was perfect and everyone
loved the favors. Take Care,
Kenia Figueredo

The favors are lovely. Thank you.
This was my first time dealing with your
company, and I was very pleased with
the product and your professionalism.
My daughter is getting married, and I
will absolutely be ordering favors from
you again. Once again, it was a pleasure
dealing with you and your company.
Donna Agate

Thanks for your help in choosing the
ivory floral pillow boxes, and for doing
it so quickly.  They are beautiful.
My parents love them.  You will really
help to make the event special.
Gerrie Wiles

Thanks for getting the honey and
tea favors to me in time for the baby
shower.  I appreciate it.  They are
just too cute!  Holly Miller

I received my favors and wanted you to
know EVERYTHING IS GREAT. I love the
work you guys did. I am very satisfied
with your product, but most of all, with
your customer service. I will highly
recommend your company to my
family & friends for their parties. Again,
thank you very much for your services.
Alicia Machado

Just a quick note to let you know we
absolutely love the favors. 
Thanks a million...  Cheryl Patrick

Just wanted you to know how much
we really enjoyed the lavender pillow
boxes we ordered for Sue's retirement ceremony. They were a HUGE hit!
Everyone loved them and wanted to
know where I got them (of course I told them, plus thank goodness your web site
was listed right on the front). As I told
you before, I will definitely be a repeat customer. All I'm doing is waiting on an opportunity to have another party.
Thanks gain for your assistance and for making our party the talk of the town!
Therisa Dantzler

The tea favors were a great hit at our
tea party.  Everyone loved them!
Karen Ricks

We just received the candy we had
ordered.  It was packed well and arrived
in good shape.  Thank you for your
timely response in shipping our order
to us.  Richard Kobayashi

I received the favors yesterday and am
very pleased. Thank you for all your
help. I will certainly refer your products
to my friends.  Thanks again.
Pat Kempton

I wanted to take the time to thank you
for the excellent service regarding my
event candy bars that I ordered.  They
were lovely, and everyone loved them!
Jackie Massie

Hi...I just want to let you know I
received the package...thank you
sooooo much....the candies are
beautiful!!!!!  thanks!!  Sandra Baldeo

They are just like you promised!
The roses ARE beautiful!!!
I have recommended your web site to
my coordinator, family and friends,
and will continue to do so because I
am completely satisfied with my favors.
It also arrived in time for the wedding!!!
I am soooo excited! Thanks soooo much!
I  WILL certainly purchase from you
again in the future!!! God bless!!
Eva Gonzalez

Received my order.  Thanks a lot!
They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!, much more
than what I expected to see.  Thanks,
and I will certainly keep your info and
refer you as well.  Evelyn Figueroa

The girls are very happy with the
wrapping on the bars.  Beautiful job!
Thank you for all your help.
Doreen Toffolo

I need to thank you for your wonderful
service!  My granddaughter was very
pleased.  The favors were so elegant!
Your delivery was prompt, and product
intact...Thank you for calming my jitters,
and for the reasurrance given to me as
needed.  Thank you so much!
Barbara Kadish

The favors are here!  They arrived
yesterday...and are just beautiful.
They will make such a nice touch to our
special day.  I would also like to say
that I was truly impressed by you caring
so much about the favors arriving in
time.  You were excellent at following
up both by email and phone.  You
provided excellent customer service!
Thanks again for everything.
Nancy Chapman

Thanks so much for your pillow boxes!
They were a hit! They were so lovely.
I will always recommend your company.
Great work!  Veronica Bobbie

I just wanted you to let you know that
I got my wedding favors today and
they are better than I had expected!
I am so pleased and happy with how
they turned out.  I will very much recommend you to anyone I know
looking for fabulous favors!
Sara Chamberlin

The boxes just arrived and they look
perfect.  Thanks for all the suggestions.
You have very good taste.  I am sure we
will be using your services more often in
the future. Keep me on your email when
new favors arrive.  Thanks so much!
Rebecca Dollinger

Just wanted you to know I received the
Thank you so very much!  I am so very
pleased & will be using you guys again
very soon.  Many, many thanks!!!!!
Tika Miller

Thank you!  I received the favors and
they are PERFECT!  Really nice job!
Christine Wilson

Thank you sooooo very much for the
beautiful favours that you created for
Tiffany's bridal shower. Everyone was
so impressed and the bride cried when
she saw them. Excellent work! I will be
sure to refer you to others. Thank you.
Lisa Harrison

I received my package of FABULOUS
treats yesterday and can I just say
Thanks-a-$M for helping me add that
special touch to my graduation party.
You'll be hearing from me again soon.
My retirement celebration is next year!
Thanks again!  Therisa Dantzler
I wanted to say thank you for the
beautiful chocolate roses!  The women
at the shelter said this was one of the
best valentine's day they have had in
a long time.  Your roses were truly one
of the highlights!  I look forward to
working with you again!  All the best,
Suzanne Rigsby
Village Church, Burbank

Received my candy bars today and I
just love them!  I will recommend your
services whenever I can!  Thanks! 
Carol Krinski

Just wanted to let you know the my
order of 100 gold pillow boxes arrived
in perfect condition.  They look
beautiful - and I am very happy with
my color choices, and thank you for
your help and input when placting
the order.  It was a pleasure doing
business with you and I would
definitely recommend your company!
Your selection, craftmanship and
delivery time frame were all top notch!
Take care and thanks again,
Cathy Sciarra

I received my favors, THANK YOU!!!!!
I want to express how pleased I was
with the work you guys put into my
favors.  They were absolutely perfect!
I can't say enough!  I will definitely use
you guys again in the future, and will
make sure all my friends know about
you as well.  I think more people should
know about the great work you do.
Take care until next time.  Sincerely,
Kelly Santos

The candy arrived today and they are gorgeous.  I will definitely be doing
business with you again.  I'm keeping
a sample so I can show everyone I
know.  Thank you sooooooo much.
Lisa Miraglia

I am VERY happy with the roses.
They are very beautiful and I am sure
they will be a hit at my daughter's
wedding.  Patty Brickner

The candyroses arrived today. My future daughter-in-law is so excited, thank you!  We can't say enough about your quality of work, oustanding!  Communication was excellent.  We will certainly recommend
you to our friends who have upcoming weddings. They are lovely and will be the finishing touch for her tables. Thank you
very much!  My best, Rosie Stuart

I just received the roses.  They are
beautiful!  My mom is going to love
them...Thank you so much.
Rosemarie Levatino
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they arrive to you in the finest condition possible and with the freshest products available. However, we understand that there are conditions out of our control.
If you are unsatisfied for any reason,
please return the entire favors order
for a full refund minus shipping costs.
We recommend all candy-chocolate
favors ship to a location where they can
be stored in a cool, dry place right away.
Please Read Our
Detailed Product Descriptions, Especially Noting Favor Sizes.

Thanks for Visiting!
We hope you'll choose us to
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for your very special day!

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About Us:  A locally-based specialty party favors
business serving San Diego. We ship through-out
CA as well as in all 50 states but on a LIMITED basis
and ask you to place your order inquiry to us ASAP
so that we can check our schedule for availability.
Call or Text any questions ~ 760-913-0218
Email Us at ~
Or Click Here to submit an order inquiry.
Candy Rose Favors
From The DD Collection ~ Chocolates, Lip Balm, and much more!
Party Favors
For Every Occasion!
We do the work for you!
You just pass them out!
By Theme
DD Baby
Baby Cappuccino
Baby Cocoa
Baby Coffee Pack
Baby Kisses® Exclusive
Baby Kisses®Exclusive BoyGirl
Baby Kisses® Party
Baby Lemonade
Baby Lip Balm - Dots
Baby Lip Balm - Gingham
Baby Lip Balm - Party Fun
Baby Party Breath Savers
Baby Party Candy Bars
Baby Party Chocolate Minis
Baby Tea
Baby Tea Iced
Gender Reveal DLB
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Birthday
Birthday Kisses®
Birthday Candy Bars - Adults
Birthday Candy Bars - Classic
Birthday Candy Bars - Kids
Birthday Cappuccino
Birthday Chocolate Minis
Birthday Cocktails
Birthday Cocoa
Birthday Coffee Pack
Birthday Lemonade
Birthday Lip Balm - Adult
Birthday Lip Balm - Kids
Birthday Lip Balm - Message
Birthday Mint Box - Adult
Birthday Mint Box - Kids
Birthday Mint Rolls - Adult
Birthday Mint Rolls - Kids
Birthday Tea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Corporate
with Your Logo
Corporate Candy Bars
Corporate Cappuccino
Corporate Cappuccino - Holiday
Corporate Cocoa
Corporate Cocoa - Holiday
Corporate Coffee
Corporate Coffee - Holiday
Corporate Lemonade
Corporate Lemonade - Holiday
Corporate Miniatures
Corporate Tea
Corporate Tea - Holiday
Corporate Tea Iced
Corporate Tea Iced - Holiday
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Graduation
Grad Candy Bars
Grad Chocolate Minis
Graduation Kisses
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Holiday
Halloween Candy Bars
Holiday Cappuccino
Halloween Chocolate Minis
Halloween Kisses®
Holiday Candy Bars
Corporate Cappuccino - Holiday
Holiday Chocolate Minis
Holiday Cocktails
Holiday Cocoa
Holiday Cocoa - Corporate
Holiday Coffee Pack
Holiday Coffee Pk - Corporate
Holiday Kisses®
Holiday Lemonade
Holiday Lemonade - Corporate
Holiday LipBalm - Hannukah
Holiday LipBalm - Icons
Holiday LipBalm - Sayings
Holiday LipBalm - Suits
Holiday Tea
Holiday Tea - Corporate
Holiday Tea Iced
Holiday Tea Iced - Corporate
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Monogram
Monogrammed Candy Bars
Monogram Cappuccino
Monogrammed Chocolate Mini
Monogram Cocktails
Monogram Cocoa
Monogram Coffee Pack
Monogrammed Kisses®
Monogrammed Kisses® Kraft
Monogram Lemonade
Monogram LipBalm
Monogram Tea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Patriotic
Patriotic Candy Bars
Patriotic Chocolate Minis
Patriotic Coffee
Patriotic Kisses
Patriotic Lemonade
Patriotic Tea
Patriotic Tea Iced
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Photo
Photo Candy Bars
Photo Chocolate Minis
Photo Kisses
Photo Lip Balm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Quinceanera
Quince Anos Kisses®
Quince Anos Candy Bars
Quince Anos Cappuccino
Quince Anos Chocolate Minis
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Religious
Religious Candy Bars
Religious Cappuccino
Religious Chocolate Minis
Religious Cocoa
Religious Coffee Pack
Religious Kisses®
Religious Lemonade
Religious Lip Balm
Religious Tea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Silhouette
Silhouette Candy Bars
Silhouette Chocolate Minis
Silhouette Lip Balm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Wedding
and Bridal Shower
Classic Collection
Wedding Breath Savers
Wedding Candy Bars
Wedding Candy Bars - Metallic
Wedding Cappuccino
Wedding Chocolate Minis
Wedding Chocolate Minis - Met.
Wedding Cocoa
Wedding Cocktails
Wedding Coffee Pack
Wedding Kisses® Classic
Wedding Kisses® Exclusive
Wedding Kisses®Exclusive IDo
Wedding Lemonade
Wedding Lip Balm
Wedding Lip Balm Double
Wedding Mint Box - Metallic
Wedding Mint Rolls
Wedding Mint Rolls - Metallic
Wedding Tea
Wedding Tea Iced
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Vintage
Bottle Cap Vintage Kisses®
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By Product
DD Cappuccino
All Cappuccino - INDEX
Baby Cappuccino
Birthday Cappuccino
Corporate Cappuccino
Corporate Cappuccino - Holiday
Holiday Cappuccino
Monogram Cappuccino
Quinceanera Cappuccino
Religious Cappuccino
Wedding Cappuccino
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Chocolates
Hersheys'® Kisses® - INDEX
Hersheys'® Minis - INDEX
Hersheys'® Bars - INDEX
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Cocoas
All Cocoas - INDEX
Baby Cocoa
Birthday Cocoa
Corporate Cocoa
Corporate Cocoa - Holiday
Holiday Cocoa
Monogram Cocoa
Religious Cocoa
Wedding Cocoa
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Coffees
All Coffee - INDEX
Baby Coffee Pack
Birthday Coffee Pack
Corporate Coffee Pack
Corporate Coffee Pk - Holiday
Holiday Coffee Pack
Monogram Coffee Pack
Patriotic Coffee
Religious Coffee Pack
Wedding Coffee Pack
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Lemonade
All Lemonade - INDEX
Baby Lemonade
Birthday Lemonade
Corporate Lemonade
Corporate Lemonade - Holiday
Holiday Lemonade
Monogram Lemonade
Patriotic Lemonade
Religious Lemonade
Wedding Lemonade
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Lip Balms &
Double-Sided LB
All Double Lip Balm - INDEX
All Lip Balms - INDEX
Animal Print Lip Balm
Baby Gingham Lip Balm
Baby Dots Lip Balm
Baby Party Lip Balm
Birthday Lip Balm - Adult
Birthday Lip Balm - Kids
Birthday Lip Balm - Message
Bridal Party Lip Balm
Bride & Groom Double LB
Chat Dots Lip Balm
Cocktail Lip Balm
Damask Lip Balm
Gender Reveal Double LB
Hannukah Lip Balm
His & Hers Double LB
Holiday Icons Lip Balm
Holiday Sayings Lip Balm
Holiday Suits Lip Balm
I Do, Me Too Double LB
Monogram Lip Balm
Mr. & Mrs. Always Right DLB
Mr. & Mrs. Double LB
Photo Lip Balm
Pink Ribbon Lip Balm
Religious Lip Balm
Silhouette Lip Balm
Souvenir Lip Balm
We Go Together Like DLB
Wedding Lip Balm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Mints
BreathSaver MintRoll
and Mint Boxes
All Mint Boxes - INDEX
Birthday Mint Box - Adult
Birthday Mint Box - Kids
All Mint Rolls - INDEX
Baby Mint Rolls
Birthday Mint Rolls - Adult
Birthday Mint Rolls - Kids
Wedding Mint Box - Metallic
Wedding Mint Rolls
Wedding Mint Rolls - Metallic
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Teas
and Iced Teas
All Tea - INDEX
Baby Tea
Baby Tea Iced
Birthday Tea
Corporate Tea
Corporate Tea - Holiday
Corporate Tea Iced
Corporate Tea Iced - Holiday
Holiday Tea
Holiday Tea Iced
Monogram Tea
Patriotic Tea
Patriotic Tea Iced
Religious Tea
Wedding/Classic Tea
Wedding/Classic Tea Iced
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DD Zipper Pulls
All Zipper Pulls - INDEX
Baby Zipper Pull
Beach Zipper Pull
Birthday Zipper Pull
Butterfly Zipper Pull
Cocktail Zipper Pull
Heart Zipper Pull
Just For You Zipper Pull
Religious Zipper Pull
Seasons Zipper Pull
Thank You Zipper Pull
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DD Mocha Cappuccino
is Now Gourmet
French Vanilla Cappuccino.
Lots of New Designs, too!
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