TY Dots LB (Sold Out)
Baby Dots LB White Only
Souvenir - Lip Balm
Baby Gingham LB White Only
Hannukah LB White Only
Bridal Party LB White
Cocktails LB (Sold Out)
The DD Collection
Lip Balms
(LB Favors)

$2.00 Each
Minimum Order: 24 Per Design
No Tax; $15 FlatRate Shipping

Add practicality
to your favors!
A cute and creative way to
say Thank You to your guests!
Made with SheaButter, BeesWax,
Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

Ordering EARLY is Recommended.
DD items usually ships UPS ground.
Preferred scheduled delivery date is
typically 1-2 weeks before your event
Holiday Icon LB White Only
Holiday Suit LB White Only
Holiday Msg LB (Sold Out)
Damask TY LB (Sold Out)
Valentine LB (Sold Out)
Chat Burst LB (Sold Out)
Tropical Hibiscus LB (Sold Out)
Birthday Msg LB (Sold Out)
Surf LB Sold (Sold Out)
Simply Fresh LB (Sold Out)
Peace LB (Sold Out)
Chat Dots LB (Sold Out)
Monogram Zebra LB (Sold Out)
Simply Fresh LB (Sold Out)
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Animal Print LB (Sold Out)
Sold Out or
Owl/Peace LB (Sold Out)
Souvenier LB (Sold Out)
Bridal Party LB Black
Classic Wedding LB Black
Classic Wedding LB White
Monogram LB White
Monogram LB Black
Photo LB White
Photo LB Black
Line 2
Line 2
Line 2
Line 2
Line 1
Line 1
Line 1
Line 1
Baby Party LB White Only
Silhouette LB White
Silhouette LB Black
Religious LB White Only
Adult Birthday LB White
Adult Birthday LB Black
Kids Birthday LB White
Kids Birthday LB Black
Min. Order:
24 Per Design
Many of the
Designs below can
be Personalized
for a Variety of
Special Occasions.
Pink Ribbon LB White Only