The DD Collection
Chocolate Miniatures
(CHM Favors)
Min.Order 100; 50 Per Design
No Tax; $15 FlatRate Shipping
Summer insulation may be extra
1.75"W X 1"H; Kosher

$.90 Cents Ea.
Wrapper with MINI
$.70 Cents Ea.
Wrapper ONLY

Ordering  EARLY is Recommended.
DD items typically ships UPS ground
Preferred scheduled delivery date is
usually 1-2 weeks before your event
Classic Birthday Mini
Classic/Wedding Mini
Baby Mini
Photo Mini
Monogrammed Mini
Silhouette Mini
Quinceanera Mini
Classic Birthday Mini Wrap
Classic/Wedding Mini Wrap
Baby Mini Wrap
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Religious Mini
Silhouette Mini Wrap
Graduation Mini
Halloween Mini
Holiday Mini
Patriotic Mini
Logo Holiday Mini
Min. Order 100
50 Per Design
Adult Birthday Minis
Kids Birthday Minis
adult & kids
birthday designs
can be personalized
for a variety of
special occasions.
Logo Holiday Mini
Add $50 Set-Up Charge
per design for logo and/or minor
copy placement and changes.
1. Choose a Design
2. Three lines of text
up to 30 char.per line incl.spaces
3. Forward Logo To:
Logo/Artwork To:
PC format vector artwork is
preferred (.eps, .ai, .cdr). Other acceptable file formats include
jpg, psd, PDF or tiff. Vector
graphics are composed of paths,
while raster files commonly
called bitmaps are composed of
pixels and is not recommended.
Classic Wedding
Designs can also
be Personalized
for a Variety of
Special Occasions.
Metallic Wedding Mini
Metallic Wedding Mini Wrap