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Min. Order
24 Per Design
1. Choose Background Color
and Banner Color.
2. Choose a Design:
Photo, Icon or Monogram
3. Choose a Pattern
4. Three Lines of Text
Up to 25 char.per line incl.spaces.
5. Forward any Photo to us.
Photo Design
Icon Design
Monogram Design

Send Photo To:
PC format vector artwork is
preferred (.eps, .ai, .cdr). Other acceptable file formats include
jpg, psd, PDF or tiff. Vector
graphics are composed of paths
while raster files, commonly
called bitmap, are composed of
pixels and is not recommended.
Nutrition Facts:
Back colors are coordinated
with the front designs.
A Bright and Successful
Future Career
The DD Collection
Hersheys'® 1.55oz.
Regular-Size Milk Choc.
or Buy Just the Wrappers

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Add a sweet touch
to your favors.
A sweet and creative way to
say "Thank you" to your guests!

Ordering EARLY is Recommended.
DD items usually ships UPS ground
and preferred scheduled delivery date is
typically 1-2 weeks before your event.
Email photo to us at